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September 2023 Newsletter

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Letter from our General Manager

First, I would like to thank you all for your unwavering support through the back 9 greens renovations. It has truly been an experience with all of the unprecedented heat and little, to no, rain for over 6 weeks. We are nearing the completion of that project and could not be happier with the results. Tyler and his crew have been able to keep the greens wet and moving in the right direction. We are looking at a mid to late September opening of the greens… so stay tuned!

Things to look for in the future:

– Cart Path Repairs

– Bridge Work

– And in the summer of 2024 Front 9 greens renovations will begin

All of these things are being done to improve the quality of the golf course and the experience for the golfers. This is truly a labor of love from our owners and staff. We ask that you be patient with us as the renovations are going on. The renovations are for the betterment the club, course and the proof will be the best 18 hole semi private golf course on the Eastern Shore. And again, I thank you for your support!

Steven Harris

General Manager

Course Update

The heat over the past few weeks have become almost unbearable. The heat combined with the lack of rain has presented some challenges for myself and my crew. We have had to limit the amount of water we use on the golf course , as well as, where we use it. The 100-degree temperatures and low humidity in the afternoons has scorched a lot of areas from fairways, tees and some greens. I’ve had to prioritize what gets watered and when with most of our water being allocated to our new greens on the back 9. I have made some new irrigation programs in our computer to maximize the use of our water on our fairways and tees. We have finally started to gain some ground and recover in a lot of areas around the course.

The new greens are looking really good! They will be 6 weeks old on Saturday 8/26. We have begun to mow them regularly now with our riding greens mower. Topdressing and fertilizing will continue weekly. We will punch the greens and roll them one more time with the one-ton roller to smooth out any imperfections. Now that the roots are well established, we have backed off the water to once a day to allow the roots to start diving deeper. We will begin using growth regulators on them this week and every week after to shorten the internode length of the plant. That means they will start to tighten up and the grass blades will become smaller and finer.

The surrounds are now able to dry out so we have started to recapture our mowing lines and patterns around the greens. The collars have been scalped down to start the process of training them down to a lower height of cut. There will be some topdressing done by hand to help smooth out the transition from our new collars to the existing grass around the greens complex. The use of growth regulators will also help aide in the process.

We are very close to the finish line and we will keep our foot on the gas to get them ready to play on as soon as possible. I hope to see you all out on the course!


Tyler Hefner, GCS-Class A

Latest Golf News

Rock Creek Golf Club Championship • October 7th-8th 2023


$30 per player (Plus applicable cart fees per round)

7:30am tee times on Saturday and Sunday

Lunch and Awards following Sunday round

*Must be 18 or older and a member to Compete*

Championship Stroke Play

A stroke-play competition consists of competitors completing each hole of a stipulated round or rounds and, for each round, returning a scorecard on which there is a gross score for each hole. Each competitor is playing against every other competitor in the competition. The competitor who plays the stipulated round or stipulated round’s in the fewest strokes is the winner.


Mens Championship (Gross #1 tees)

Mens Net (#2 tees)

Mens Senior (55-64 #3 tees/ 65+ #4 tees)

Womens Championship (#5 tees)

Ladies Golf Association 

We would like to invite you to Join the Rock Creek Ladies Golf Association. We play Golf on Wednesday around 9:00. Come check us out. We Play different golf games each week. Members must either have a USA Handicap or work to establish one. If you have questions, Please call Mary Jo Walker at 504-495-2285 or e-mail at

Thank You,

Mary Jo Walker


Ladies Happy Hour Golf Clinic

Join us for a ladies happy hour golf clinic starting on Thursday, September 7th from 4:30-5:30 and then grab a drink right after!

$40 per clinic or $140 for all sessions ✨

Sign up at the pro shop or call 251-928-4223 today!

Golf Simulator

The training aspect of the Golf Simulator has a camera that allows you to record your swing and our pros will assess your swing and help adjust to get your swing straightened out. The simulator is multifaceted as you can use it for training, practice and play! It’s a one stop shop for all your swing needs!

You can also purchase a Golf Simulator Subscription!

First Benefit – 30 minute recorded lesson with Ryan Petty, Player Development Coach

Second Benefit – Analysis of swing and personalized lesson plan which you can use to improve your swing

Third Benefit – Up to 10 hours simulator practice a month

Whether it’s sunny or raining, you can still enjoy your favorite game!

Fall Happy Hour Bingo • Thursdays 5:00 – 7:00 pm

$2.00 per card and prizes will be given!

For more information please contact Sehoy at today!


September Dessert of the Month

Smore’s Pie – Graham cracker crust, filled with soft chocolate Ganache and topped with house made toasted marshmallow