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Ryan Petty

Director of Golf

Born and Raised in Atlanta, GA, Ryan Petty has been in the golf industry since 1993. After seven years of working at a local golf course and his background in baseball, Petty decided to give up his amateur status and become a Professional Golfer. After four years, he decided to stop playing professionally and turn his eyes to golf instruction and has been teaching ever since. His background has helped him become the mentor and teacher that he is today. To hone his craft he has been fortunate enough to shadow the top teaching pros in the world. His passions consist of meeting new people, coaching and helping others succeed in the game he loves. His journey has led him to working at top clubs in the Southeast along with being the National Golf Coach of Peru. He has extensive knowledge with using launch monitors, 3D technology and force plates. Petty currently resides in Spanish Fort, AL with his wife Milagros of 15 years and two boys, Alexander (8) and Bradley (7)
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Training Program

Junior Golf Academy

I’m very excited to let you know about an opportunity for the juniors this year! In additions to our many clinics and camps, Ryan Petty Golf at Rock Creek Golf Club is going to be starting a Junior Golf Academy. This program is for juniors of all skill levels and ages up to 18.

The program is very structured and includes an app so parents can see what juniors are practicing and what they need to improve to advance levels. Students are arranged in levels based on their current skill set and are tested monthly.

While there are many benefits to this program, one of the best, in my opinion, is it will allow us to create a continuing training program, similar to martial arts, where students play and practice throughout the year and develop all skills needed for golf. The program incorporates golf fitness in addition to full swing, short game, and on-course instruction.

Each level will have 8-12 hours of practice/instruction per month (Level 1 has 8 hours, Levels 2-5 have 12 hours/month). All team members will receive hats, shirts, balls, tees, poker chip ball mark, and RPG academy bags are provided to Developmental III & Developmental IV.

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