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A scoring controversy broke out at a PGA Tour Canada event in Ottawa last Friday when 28-year-old pro Justin Doeden was questioned by playing partners about changing his score on the final hole of the second round.

According to Ryan French, who runs the MondayQInfo Twitter account, Doeden had a double-bogey 7 on the 18th hole but then allegedly changed his score to a par before handing in his card.

That score would have helped him squeak inside the cut. He later withdrew from the event after an investigation began.

Doeden, who played collegiately at Minnesota and has played in one PGA Tour event in his career, admitted Monday that he did in fact cheat: I am here to confess of the biggest mistake I have made in my life to date. I cheated in golf. This is not who I am. I let my sponsors down. I let my competitors down. I let my family down. I let myself down. I pray for your forgiveness. John 1:9 @acaseofthegolf1

It will be interesting to see what type of punishment, if any, is handed out following Doeden’s admission.