America's First Golf Course

In 1170, Prince Madoc, the beloved illegitimate son of the King of Wales, lost an argument with his brothers over his inheritance. Embittered yet brave, he set sail, voyaging westward upon an uncharted sea. Blessed with fair winds and remarkable luck, his ship eventually sailed up Mobile Bay where he, and his crew, camped beside a rocky creek near this spot. Rested and restored from their long journey, the men fashioned small clubs from the limbs of a Persimmon tree and used them to knock Oak galls into rabbit holes. Leaving some of his men at the creek, Madoc sailed back toward Wales to recruit more settlers, but he was never seen again. So was it here, where Rock Creek sits today, that the game of Golf was first played on this continent? We think so.

For good luck during your round, rub this rock before you play.

“Strike the ball true lad and ace it for the Prince!”
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