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September 23, 2021


To Rock Creek POA Residents:

This is a short update note to our cover letter provided to the community in early September.  Since that letter was mailed to the community, we have conducted informational sessions last week to provide a live forum for residents to listen, ask questions, and make up their own mind as to which future they see for Rock Creek…a community more like Timber Creek or one more like Lakewood.

The voting process is very precise and requires the residents to strictly comply or the submitted ballot will be rejected.

There are 3 key hurdles to overcome for a valid vote to occur –

  • The ballot must be completed properly and include the name, signature, and address of the resident
  • At least 222 ballots must be submitted in the pre-addressed pre-stamped envelop
  • At least 222 ‘Yes’ ballots are required to pass the proposal
  • Ballots can only be submitted via USPS or dropped off at the ballot box in the clubhouse

There are 442 homes in Rock Creek.  That indicates that 50+1% of the total households will be needed to pass the proposal.

That is a very high bar for success given a general society obstacle of ‘voter apathy’ present in today’s environment.

We continue to view this as a very important and strategic decision and crossroad for the community residents.  We encourage residents to ask themselves 2 key questions in helping to determine their future –

  • Do I want to live in a community that is more like Timber Creek or Lakewood?
  • Is there enough value contained in the proposal in exchange for a $1/day increase in your POA dues?

To motivate residents to overcome ‘voter apathy,’ we have scheduled “Rock Your Vote” Happy Hours next Monday through Wednesday, Sept 27 – 29th.  Simply bringing your completed ballot for submission into the ballot box at the club and receive a complimentary beverage and a raffle ticket to win one of three grand prizes – a weekend getaway in Amelia Island, a private chef dinner at your home, or a private golf instruction package at the club.

As I presented last week, Golfco is fine and supportive of whatever the community decides to do.  What we do feel is important is that the community has a fair opportunity to vote and express their preference.  We believe the most unfortunate outcome would be one where less than 222 ballots are submitted by the deadline.  Should that occur, no one will ever know the outcome of the vote, because the ballots will never be opened and destroyed.  So, every vote whether is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ matters.  This is not like normal votes for politicians vying for elected office at the national or state level where it is hard to see if your vote matters.

So, in conclusion, just get out and Vote!!!  The outcome of this process will have a profound impact on the RC community for the next several years.


Patrick Schneider Managing Partner